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 Getting Permanent Residence with support from Immigration Law professional

Getting Permanent Residence in Japan(永住許可)is one of the goals for foreign citizens who live in Japan. We, 行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所 are Immigration firm who support foreign citizens in Japan to get Permanent Residence.

Feature of our service

English consultation

We provide service in English. You could talk about process of PR application in English.

Experienceed on Permanent Residence 

Most Immigration Law professional mainly handle working VISA application. But This office mainly handle application of Permanent Residence. We experienced various application with various background.

Sometimes we recommend you not to apply 

We don't recommend you to apply for Permanent Residence if there is highly risk of rejection.We belive that getting rejection sometimes make it harder to getPR status. 

You want to check your eligibility?

  Before talking about "what kinds of documents you need to submit" or "what is the process to get Permanent Residence", what we need to do first is reviewing your condition to find whether you meet the requirements of Permanent Residence. The Immigration Services Agency of Japan(出入国在留管理庁) publish guideline of Permanent Residence. But the rules are comlicated and confusing. We could check your conition and find whether you meet the requirements of Permanet Residence in Japan. 

 We provide 2 kinds of consultation service in the following conditions.

Normal consultation
Location:Shinagawa, Yokohama, 

Language: English, Japanese 
Consultation fee: 11,000 yen per 1 hour 

Contacting us through e-mail 

Fee: Free

 If you are interested in taking consultation, please feel free to contact us. 



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