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2 websites you could use for job hunting in Japan【International Students】


Finding job is key to continue your life in Japan after you graduate from school. In most case, you have to get working VISA to stay in Japan after you finish your education in the nation.

But Finding the job hunting is harder for international students because of following reasons.

1. Most comapanies are looking for global talents who could speak Japanese

the comapny are looking for global talents who could spealk Japanese and other langauage. This tolends are typical for small business that most of their employees are only-Japanese speakers.

2.Lack of expertise in educational institute

Most schools has career cneters to support their students for jobhunting. But they mostly has experience on job hunting for Japaense students. They are not knowledgiable on job hunting for international students.

So, international students have to finf another way to find their job in Japan and get working VISA. In this post, I'll show you 2 websites that you could use for job huntings.


Indeed is one of the well known job hunting sites internationally. You could also search for posts for new graduates in English. Foreign businesses is also seeking talents in Japan through this website.


HelloWork is the governmnt institute which introduce jobs for workers in Japan.They also has website that you could search job from your PC. HelloWork is free to post new positions for businesses, so small businesses which couldn't have enough money to use private HR sites like this prefer to post their positions on this websites. Foreign citizens could also use this service and there are posts for international students. But You need to have Japanese language skills to use this websites.

Today, I introduced 2 websites which could be helpful to findjob in Japan. If you get job, the next step is working VISA. I'm glad to provide service for new graduates who need working VISA.

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