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Could I apply for PR with my family?

When you apply for PR in Japan, you will think you get the right to live in Japan permanently. You don’t have to take a bus and care about whether you could extend your VISA or not. Permanent Residency give you the way to live in Japan without limitation.

But you might have concern whether you could also live with your family permanently in Japan. After becoming a Permanent Resident, you also hope to live with your family permanently.

In this article, I’ll explain how you could stay in Japan as Permanent Residents with your family permanently.

Applying for PR with your family is recommended

Most Immigration Law practitioners and Immigration Officers recommend the applicants of PR to also apply for PR of your family. If your family have Dependent VISA, your family lost their VISA status after you get Permanent Residence since Dependent VISA is issued for spouses and children of working VISA holders and students VISA holders. This is the reason why you are recommended to apply for PR with your family

Your family may be able to get PR by meeting easier conditions

Even through you meet requirements to apply for PR in Japan, your family might not requirement to get PR in Japan. For example, even you’ve lived in Japan for more than 10 years, your family just live in Japan for a few years if they meet the following conditions.

1. Continuing marriage for 3 years and live in Japan continuously for more than 1 year.

2. Having longest Period of your VISA status(5 or 3 years)

3. Payment of Tax and Social Security and okaying law

4. Not harming Public Sanitary

5. Not having highly possibility of harming Public Interest

Since they will become Spouses or Children of Permanent Residents, they could apply for Permanent Residency by meeting the conditions for Spouses and children of Permanent Residents.

So, if your wife and children have been living in Japan for more than 1 year.

If your family has risk for rejection, PR application for whole family could be jeopardized

So, you may be able to apply for PR along with your family if your family meet the condition which is mentioned above. You will think whether applying for whole family or applying for yourself then applying for rest of your family is better. Some people ask me such question like that when they take consultation at my office.

Generally, applying for PR with your family is recommended since they might be able to get PR by meeting easier conditions. People think if they could apply for PR application for you family, they would like to get PR along with their family.

But if you have following conditions, you should reconsider to apply for PR.

a. You spouse or child have criminal record

b. Your spouse or child have record that they’ve never pay pension or tax in Japan

If you submit the applications along with your family, Immigration Officers will review whether you could get PR or not by checking your whole family. So even you don’t have negative points for PR, you might get rejection if your family have the history which lead to rejection. So, if your family have the risk for rejection, you should consider applying for PR alone then apply for PR of your family after your PR application is approved

You need to apply for VISA change for your family

If your family don’t apply for PR along with you, you need to care about VISA status of your family after your PR application is approved.

About your Spouse, he or she could apply for Spouse of Permanent Resident VISA. About your child, they could apply for Long term residents. They could apply for PR later by meeting the easier condition.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


Kamakura Internattional Legal Service(行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所)

Address:124, Zyuniso, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken

Consultation fee: 5,000 yen/per hour

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