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Current conditions on Permanent Residence Applications in 2022


 In 2022, We’ve handled PR applications thanks to our clients who trust our service. When it comes to applying for a permanent residence in Japan, the Immigration inspectors has broad authority to decide whether applicants could get PR or not, and in many cases, it does not end by simply issuing the documents written on the website of the Immigration Services Agency in Japan. And we have to mention that the what the immigration inspectors will check could be changed from year to year. In this article, we will explain the current condition on PR applications on 2022.

1.Payment of Social Insurance Premiums

Currently, payment of social insurance premiums is one of the requirements for Permanent Residence. This does not mean that you just need to pay. You also need to comply with the payment deadline. As in previous years, the applicant are required to submit the receipts for social security unless you pay through your employers.

Another noteworthy trend in this year is that there is tendency that the Immigration officers also requests additional documents to see payment condition of applicant’s family even if they don’t apply for PR application with the applicant.


As in previous years, the Immigration officers see whether applicants fulfill tax payment duty and whether applicants make the payment until the payment deadline. In addition, there are an increasing number of cases that the Immigration officers seek tax documents regarding the families of applicants even if the families does not apply for PR along with the applicants.

3.In some cases, additional documents may be required to explain your current job description

This is not the case for all applicants, but there are more and more cases that applications are asked to provide a detailed explanation of their current job description. If you are a foreigner, especially if you have a working status of residence and are working in Japan, the work you can do in Japan are determined by your status of residence. So, there are some cases that the Immigration officers checks your current job description to check whether your current job is what you could do with your current status of residence.

4.Examination period for permanent residence permit application

Currently, the website of the Immigration Services Agency states that the standard processing period for applications for permanent residence is 4 months. However, the current trend is that the inspection takes around 6~7 months.

These are the trend of PR applicants in 2022. We hope this information will help you prepare your application for permanent residence.

Daichi Ito


Are you considering for PR application?

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