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Foreign entrepreneurs get more chance to start business in Japan?

If you would like to start a business in Japan, your main problem is getting business manager visa unless you have special visa or permanent residence.

To get business manager VISA, you have to prepare the office which have to be independent from other space and you also have to prepare 5 million yen as a paid in capital or hiring more than two staffs in permanent positions.

Most foreign entrepreneurs have difficulty to prepare ¥5 million of paper and captures. you could make your own company by investing less than ¥5 million. but since immigration Bureau require to invest at least ¥5 million, some people give up their choice to start a business in Japan simply because they don't have enough money.

But if you were international students who are studying in the University, you might get time to prepare 5 million yen in and start a business in Japan.

Recently immigration service agency in Japan have announced they determined to allow international students to stay in Japan for two years to give them time for preparation of starting a business in Japan.

In this article, how this new system would influence the preparation to start business in Japan by international students and how you could use the system to increase the possibility to start a business in Japan.

you could get additional 2 years

In this system you could get additional 2 years after your graduation to prepare for starting a business in Japan. You will get Designed Activity VISA if you submit application form and letter of recommendation from your universities.

You also need to know your university have to show achievement over your preparation and you are preparation from too fat business in Japan to immigration service agency.

And the system will not be applied to all international student who attend at universities in Japan.

To use the system, you have to be students will be universities which are designated for internationalization and supporting jobhunting of international students’ enterprise by education authority in Japan.

how this system influence entrepreneurship in Japan

This system will change the business prong of international students who like to start the business in Japan.

Until recently international students have to prepare for starting a business if you like to get business manager VISA right after their graduations.

But now international students had a chance to get additional two years to prepare for studying business in Japan. They could use this two year to find a new investor watch your business find new partners and shape up your business plans.

This system will increase the number of foreign entrepreneurs who would like to start a business and the number of business persons who achieved your business brown in Japan.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


Kamakura International Legal Service is the firm which is missioned to support foreigners through Immigration procedures and starting their business. We provide the following service.

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