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HSP VISA could be one of choice for entrepreneurs to get PR?

The number of entrepreneurs has been increasing in Japan. There are so many foreign citizens who would like to start business in Japan. Some of them also would like to get Permanent Residency in Japan after they get Business Manager VISA. PR gives you so many credits when you start your business in Japan.

Generally, people who want to start your business in Japan, you will apply for Business Manager VISA. Since this is the only type of working VISA which allow you to work as business owners. So, there is no another option until recent.

Some foreign citizens hesitate to make decision to start their business since it is hard to get Permanent Residence through Business Manager VISA. Most of Business Manager VISA holders get 1 year VISA at first time. But unfortunately, there are only few business owners who successfully get 3 year VISA that is one of the requirements to get Permanent Residency.

This is why some Immigration Law Practitioners tell their clients that you should give up Permanent Residency if you would like to get Business Manager VISA. You need to make profitable business to get 3 or 5 year VISA since Immigration Bureau require you to submit financial report for VISA extension. They are careful on stability of your business.

But if you get Highly Skilled Professional VISA (HSP VISA), you might get Permanent Residency while you are working as business owners. In this article, HSP VISA has unique features compared with other types of working VISA.

In this article, I’ll explain why HSP VISA could be one of option for business owners.

1. You could get 5 years VISA easily

One of merits for HSP is that you could get 5 years VISA easier than Business Manger VISA. When you are allowed to get HSP VISA, only option on your period of stay is 5 years. So, you can’t get 1 or 3 years VISA. You could automatically meet one of these requirements for Permanent Residency in Japan.

There are so many business manager VISA holders who can’t get 3 or 5 years VISA even through their business is quite successful and make so many profits. Some of them get can’t get 3 years or 5 years VISA simply because they have record of frequent departure from Japan for business trip. Immigration Bureaus thought they don’t have basis of living in Japan by checking this record.

But if you get HSP VISA, you don’t get the issue like that. You could automatically get 5 years VISA This is why you should consider applying for HSP VISA if you have enough points on point based system.

2. You could get Permanent Residency earlier

If you have Business Manager VISA, you need to have 10 years living experience in Japan and having 5 years living experience as VISA holders other than students VISA. So, in some cases, you need to wait long time so you could meet the requirements for Permanent Residency.

But if you have 70 points on point based system and have HSP VISA, you could apply for Permanent Residency with 3 years living experience. If you have 80 points and HSP VISA, you could get Permanent Residency with only 1year living experience. So, you could get Permanent Residency earlier if you get HSP VISA.

These are reasons why you might have to apply for HSP VISA instead of Business Manager VISA. This VISA give passionate entrepreneurs to get PR and freedom on their activity. If you have more than 70 points, I recommend you to consider applying for the VISA.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


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