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Legal Procedure for International Marriage in Japan

Since the beginning of Globalization, more people move cross the borders among the nations for so many purposes like business, study abroad and even starting business. You are more likely to meet with persons who came from another nation and have different background than you. In Japan, it has been making the number of international marriages to increase and more Japanese start their new life with their partner from other nations.

International Marriage is a kind of challenge for both Japanese and foreign citizens. You have to respect each culture and values when you plan and prepare for marriage life. If you are foreign citizens who got married with Japanese and has a plan to live in Japan with your Japanese Partner, you also have to understand life in Japan. Sometimes, you have to perform socially as ordinally Japanese partners do. You have so many things to do before the marriages.

But, how many people care about legal procedures for International marriage in Japan? If you planed for International marriage and want to stay in Japan with your Japanese partners, you need to care about those procedures.

1. Marriage procedure

2. VISA application

In this blog, I will give you simple guide for Legal Procedure of International Marriage in Japan.


Introduction of the writer

I’m Daichi Ito, Kanagawa based Immigration Lawyer(Gyoseishoshi/Administrative Solicitor) from Kamakura International Legal Service. I mainly practice Immigration Procedure and Naturalization Procedures with my knowledge about the Immigration Law and Naturalization Law and experience to support foreign citizens who have lived in japan as a member of Volunteer Group in Tokyo.





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