Our new Fee policy for PR application

最終更新: 3日前

Good afternoon. Thank you for reading our blog post.

Thanks for clients who use our service to get Permanent Residence in Japan, Our successful rate is high. We think PR application is the procedure that the Immigration law practitioner have to be careful most. The Immigration Bureau will check your whole history in Japan. There are so many people who lost their status in Japan since the Immigration Bureau find legal issues on their residential history.

This is the reason why I become an Immigration Law Practitioner who handle PR applications in Japan. Now for Indians, I become the Gyosei-shoshi Lawyer who handle PR applications most.

I'm glad to serve for clients who work so hard in Japan on their job. And I also know that getting PR open your potential.

We make new plan to let more clients get PR in Japan. To improve our service, we make the new fee policy for PR application.

Our fee policy

Here is our service for PR application.

In person consultation: 5,000 yen/30 minutes

Online consultation:5,000 yen per 30 minutes

※About In person consultation, we also provide consultation in Tokyo and Yokohama.

※ First 30 minutes consultation will be free for online consultation.

E-mail consulting: free

※About e-mail consulting, you could only send us one e-mail to seek our advice.

About PR application, here is our service plans for PR application.

Full support Plan

In this plan, you could outsource the following tasks for PR application.

※There is no additional payment for PR application of your family if the family members are dependent VISA holders.

※This plan does not cover revenue stamp cost for family.

  1. Documentation

  2. collecting certificates

  3. Collecting documents from guarantor

  4. Application

  5. Receiving new residence card

  6. Handling on additional documents

Fee 160,000 yen plus consumer tax

We also have some options as following.

Standard Plan

In this plan, you have to collect certificate and documents from guarantor by your self. But you could the following tasks.

※There is no additional payment for PR application of your family if the family members are dependent VISA holders.

  1. Documentation

  2. Assitance on collecting certificates

  3. Handling on additional documents.

  4. Application

Fee: 120,000 yen plus consumer tax

Light Plan

This plan is better for people who want to reduce the cost. You could outsource the following service.

  1. Documentation

  2. Application

Fee: 80,000 yen plus consumer tax

※For all of these plans, you will pay half of the fee when you sign the contract. Rest of payment will be done when you get PR.





弊所の永住許可申請申請代行に興味を持っていただき、誠にありがとうございます。弊所では永住許可申請をお考えの方の為に複数のサービスプランを用意しております。 相談 対面相談:5,000円/ 30分 オンライン相談:5,000円/30分 ※対面相談については、品川(東京)、横浜でもご相談させていただきます。 ※オンライン相談は初回30分は無料となります。 メールコンサルティング:無料 ※メールコンサル

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