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You should take this online MBA or another online MBA

Recently, you will see more advertisement of MBA courses from Japanese educational institute or foreign institutes which provide online courses around the World. Since business persons in Japan also have to be competitive on global business environment. People are eager to enhance their career by taking the post graduate courses.

But some people have no idea which course is best one for you. There are so many points you have to check when you choose the school. College reputation, ranking, successful rate on job hunting,,, these are points you will check when you are collecting information about MBA courses. You might also collect information about lecturers and companies which provide students support for students who take online MBA courses. Some companies have partnership agreements with Japanese companies to provide student support in Japan.

But if you are foreign citizens, you might have to be careful whether MBA courses has not course issues on Immigration procedures. In this article, I’ll explain check points from the view of legal professions.

Accreditation is key

First of all, Accreditation is key when you choose online MBA courses. It is better to choose MBA courses which get accreditation or approval from International academic organizations or government agencies. For MBA courses, AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS、EPAS are internationally accepted accreditation.

Accreditation or approval from government organizations are key points to check credibility of MBA courses. So, this is the point you need to check first.

Non-accredited courses are not approved when you apply for working VISA

Some types of working VISA require applicants to have college degree. When you apply for Engineer/Humanities/International Service VISA, graduating college degree is one of requirements you need to meet.

If you use MBA as college degree to get working VISA, you might be troubled if your MBA is not accredited. Immigration rules require you to finish college education or equivalent of college education. Non-accredited MBA could not be found as college education or equivalent of college education by Immigration officers.

Uncertainty on PR application or Highly skilled professional VISA

When some clients visit my office, they also ask about point based system for PR application or Highly skilled professional VISA. If you have MBA, you will get 20 points when you apply for PR application under point-based system or Highly skilled professional VISA.

There is no documented rule which MBA courses need to get accreditation from credible organizations or government agencies. But Immigration officers and Immigration Law practitioners could not guarantee you could get 20 points with non-accredited courses. Immigration officers also check what kinds of institute you learn when you submit graduation certificates as evidence for your points. So, it depends on institute you get degree from.

Your check point to enhance and avoid legal trouble

If you would like to enhance and get better position for MBA courses, you need to choose MBA from accredited courses. When you received advertisement for MBA courses, you need to check the following points.

1. Whether this courses is accredited

2. Name of accreditation organization

3. Whether institute has approval from government organization

If you also care about these check points, you could choose credible MBA courses to enhance your career and avoid trouble when you take Immigration procedures in Japan.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


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