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Current condition on entry restriction to Japan(updated on 2022/1/17)

From early 2020, the government of Japan does not allow foreign citizens to enter to Japan unless foreign citizens meet exceptional rules(like permanent residents or spouses of Japanese and permanent residents).

There are 2 times the government tried to open their border for new entry by foreign citizens who have working VISA in Japan so they could start their job in Japan as soon as possible.

But the government suspended such measure last year again last year since Omicron spread the world. On 2022/1/14, the government made new decision on the entry restriction.

 We still have to say that you need to be careful on restriction for Covid-19 implemented by Japanese government. In this article, I'll explain the points you need to know regarding the government decision.

New entry is still suspended

What we need to know first that the government of Japan decided to continue their measure to temporally suspend new entry to Japan by foreign citizens who middle-long term residence status(example: Engineer VISA).

The measure will be continued until the end of February 2022. It means that Japan will not allow new entry from other countries for foreign citizens who have middle-long term residence status until the next month.

Refusal on re-entry from 11 countries was finished

From 2022/1/12, the Japanese government abolish the measure to refuse the entry by foreign citizens had stayed in 11 countries in Africa(Angola, Eswatini, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi,South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho or Democratic Republic of the Congo)even if they have re-entry permission(再入国許可).

Exceptional approach for some international students

On 2022/1/17, the Japanese government announced that the governments will allow Government-sponsored international students to enter to Japan if the students meet the following conditions:

  1. there is necessary to attend at classes in Japan

  2. their deadline for graduation will be coming near future

Who could enter to Japan

So, you might need to know who could currently enter to Japan. In this section, we provide summary on this topic. Now Japanese governments exceptionally allow foreign citizens to enter to Japan if they meet "special reason(特段の事情)". The government now specified the following conditions as "special reason".

  1. Entry by foreign citizens who have re-entry permission

  2. New entry by spouses and children of Japanese or Permanent Residence

  3. entry by foreign citizens who have Diplomat VISA(在留資格「外交」)or Official VISA(在留資格「公用」)

  4. There is strong necessary for public interest on purpose of entry to Japan (the government shows researchers and developers who develop vaccianation)

  5. Humanitarian reason

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


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What to do after "PR rules" are amened?

Undder current conition, people who want to become Permanent Residents in Japan only care about whether their applications for Permanent Resiency are approved. Since the Immigration Services Bureau mu


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