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Engineer VISA without degree

Japan is the 3rd richest country around the world. If you come to Japan, you will get so much opportunity if you are professional like Lawyer, Accountant, and engineer. When it comes to engineer, the country still has so much demands for engineers, but he labors markets can’t provide enough human resource. Even college graduates who has never learned programming could get positions in IT industry.

This is why engineers from other nations has so much opportunity to get positions in Japan as engineers and could boost their careers in Japan. So if you are an engineer, you may not have difficulty to find the position in Japan

But there is problem for foreign engineers who try to get position in Japan. That is the Working VISA. When you work as an engineer, Most of you will apply for Engineer/Humanities/International Service VISA( In this auricle, the VISA is called Engineer VISA). And you might heard that you can’t get Engineer VISA if you don’t have academic degree which is relative to your profession. In this article, I’ll explain whether you have the possibility to get Engineer VISA without having academic degree.

Academic degree is One of requirements

When you try to get Engineer VISA, you have to meet the following condition.

1. Meeting one of these requirement

a. Graduating from University with Engineering related major in Japan and abroad or having equivalent educational background

b. Graduating from Senmon-Gakko(Technical School) in Japan with Engineer related major

c. Having 10 years experience

2. Receiving salary which is equivalent to that of Japanese

Most people claim their Academic degree to show that meet a. or b. and demonstrate they have knowledge on engineering, programming and IT. But it doesn’t mean you can’t apply for Engineer VISA without receiving academic degree from an educational institute.

You could apply for Engineering VISA by demonstrating your working experience for 10 years at home and abroad. So, you don’t have to give up working in Japan simply because you don’t get academic degree which is relative to engineering. You could apply for working VISA by submitting certificates of employments for 10 years to show you have enough knowledge as college graduates.

You also might meet the requirement of Engineer VISA by having “equivalent educational background”. So even you don’t have academic degree from University or higher educational institute in case that you’ve been taking equivalent education to the higher education.

So what is equivalent educational background? One example is DOEACC in India. This is the educational system to grant license for students who took government designated courses at an IT educational institute other than University and passed license exam.

If you get license which is at level A, level B or level 3, you will be deemed as applicants who has equivalent educational background to higher education. So you could meet requirement of Engineer VISA.

Website of National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (Organization which govern DOEACC).

Getting license also help you to get working VISA soon

You may think you have to wait for 10 years to get enough experience on your career. But some of you might think you would like to apply for Working VISA soon or you might be an employer who may find an engineer who has good skill but has only a few years experiences and has not received academic degree from University or Senmon-Gakko in Japan.

There is another exceptional rule for IT engineers which give you the way to get Engineer VISA without getting academic degree or 10 years experiences. If you passed a license exam which is designated by Ordinance from Ministry of Justice.

Ordinance from Ministry of Justice

In this article, I explained how you could get Engineer VISA without academic degree. But generally the Immigration Inspectors implement strict reviewing for applicants who try to meet the requirement by their work experiences than academic degree holders by checking detail of work experience. So when you prepare for VISA application, I recommend you to prepare the documents carefully.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Lawyer (Gyoseishoshi)



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