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What you need to do after you changed your job (Certificate of Authorized Employment)

I’ve seen the people whose life is changed dramatically since the COVID-19 is spread around the globe. That could be cases for foreign citizens who came to Japan to study, work and live for long term. Many Japanese citizens also got problem like unemployment, layoff and closing of their workplaces.

I know foreign citizens are much more likely to lost their job under such a situation. And you also need to care about your Working VISA even after you fortunately get new job.

“What should I do after I changed my job

“After finding new job, what I have to do?”

I often heard the questions like this. But I also found so many people got wrong information from the Internet. Some people got wrong guide from person who work for the Immigration Bureau. In this article, I’ll show you what you need to do after you get new job in Japan after you lost your job.

1. You need to report to the Immigration Bureau

First thing you have to do is reporting your job change to an Immigration Bureau. As you reported you leave your previous workplace, you need to report within 14 days from the date you joined the new workplace.

You could get the paper from an Immigration Bureau and just submit to an Immigration Bureau. This process does not require assistance by a legal professional and it will be finished within 30 minutes.

After you submit the report to an Immigration Bureau, they usually don’t inspect your new workplace until you applied for VISA extension. So at this point, you don’t have to prepare additional documents to prove you meet the requirement for your VISA status along with the report. But usually, VISA extension after you move to new workplace will be harder to get extension by submitting the documents you usually prepare for the VISA extension. The Immigration Bureau review whether you meet the requirement by checking not just your condition(Academic history, work experience and criminal record), but also your position and your employer(size, business and financial condition). So they are not sure whether your new employer meet the requirement to issue Working VISA unless they check as they did when you applied for VISA change or Certificate of Eligibility into your working VISA.

Note: you also need to know you have to meet the requirement for working VISA to do the new jobs

So in this case, we usually prepare additional documents as you applied for Change of VISA status and Certificate of Eligibility.

2, Getting rejection on Extension is worst scenario

You may think you don’t have do something else unless you need to applied for extension of your VISA status. But if you get rejection on the extension, it will be worst case if you have a plan for re-application to get Working VISA again since you got a history you’ve been working for long time while you don’t meet the requirement. That is negatively affected for re-application that the Immigration Officers also inspect your past activity.

Getting Certificate of Authorized Employment(就労資格認定証明書)

You may think there is no way to know whether you meet the requirement for your Working VISA by your new position and new employer. Since you are not specialists for Immigration Law, you may not have the way to know whether your job at a new employer meet the requirement for your VISA status.

But the Certificate of Authorized Employment(就労資格認定証明書) solve the problem. When you applied for the certificate, the Immigration Bureau inspect your application as they do for inspection of working VISA application. When you get the certificate, that state whether your new job will meet the requirement for the working VISA.

If the answer if OK, you don’t have to submit piles of documents when you applied for VISA extension. Because you’ve already proved you meet the requirements under the new employment.

Minimizing risks of leaving Japan

One of the merits of the certificate is that you get the chance to know whether your new job meet the requirement or not. If the answer is NO, it is better for you to know that before you need to applied for VISA extension. You could stop working when the answer is NO.

Even the answer is NO, you don’t have to go back to your countries as you have to do in case of rejection for VISA extension. You could spend more time to plan for re-application and find the new workplace where you could meet the requirement.

In this article, you could get basic understanding about Certificate of Authorized Employment,

Daichi Ito

Immigration Lawyer (Gyoseishoshi)



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