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How to prepare PR in Japan for Highly skilled professional VISA holders

When the government of Japan make new type of working VISA, most of Immigration Law practitioners and people who are walking around Immigration to Japan got surprise. They make the VISA to boost the number of acceptances of highly skilled professional who has professional skill, advanced academic degree and talents like scientists, engineers and business executives.

The VISA is called Highly Skilled professional VISA holders of this VISA are allowed to engage in multiple activity and business. They also have advanced condition when they plan to apply for Permanent Residency in Japan compared with other foreign citizens who have other types of residential status in Japan.

In most case, foreign citizens need to meet the following requirements to get Permanent Residency in Japan.

1. Good moral standing

2. Having economical ability

3. Living in Japan more than 10 years

4. No criminal record and obeying public duty

5. Having longest period of stay (3 years VISA or 5 years VISA)

6. Not harming public sanitary of japan

But for Highly skilled VISA holders, there is exceptional rule on your living history in Japan (3.) as following.

a. Living in Japan continuously 3 years or more if you have more than 70 points or

b. Living in Japan continuously 1 years or more if you have more than 80 points.

If you meet these requirements, nest step is collecting necessary documents. Here is the list of documents.

1. application

2. photos (4 cm length x 3 cm width) 1 leaf

3. Letter of explanation on the reason why you need PR

4. Resident's card of the whole family (household) including applicant

5 . Any of the following materials that prove the applicant's occupation

(1) When working for a company

a. certificate of employment

(2) If you are self-employed

a. copy of the applicant's tax return copy or corporate registration certificate

b. 1 copy of business permission or license (if any)

6. Tax payment certificate and Taxation Certificate of Residential tax

7. Tax payment Certificate of National Tax

8. Others Proof of income by any of the following

a. Copy of deposit/savings passbook

b. Items similar to item a above

9.Documents certifying the payment status of the most recent public pension insurance premium (for the past year)

10. A "Jenkin regular flight" (displays pension record information for the entire period)

11.National pension insurance receipt (copy)

12. Documents certifying the payment status of the most recent public medical insurance premiums (for the past year)

13. health insurance card (copy)

14. National Health Insurance fee (tax) payment certificate

15. National Health Insurance fee (tax) receipt (copy)

14.When the applicant is the business owner of a social insurance applicable establishment at the time of application

a. Oh, health insurance, employee pension insurance receipt (copy)

b. Social insurance premium payment certificate or social insurance premium payment confirmation (application) form (when certifying or confirming whether or not payment has been made)

15. HSP point calculation table,

16.Explaining material which prove you have the points.

17. Any of the following materials that certify the applicant's assets

(1) Copy of deposit/savings passbook

(2) real estate registration certificate


19. residence card

19 Documents for guarantee of identity

20. letter of guarantee

21. residential record of guarantor

21. Documents which prove guarantor’s occupation

This is the example of list of documents which might be required to submit to an Immigration Bureau. In some case, you need to submit more documents than the list of documents.

Permanent Residency is one of the most complicated procedure among any Immigration Procedures in Japan. It will require so much time for preparation. So I recommend you to make schedule to make time for the preparation.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Lawyer(Gyoseishoshi)






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