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Recent situation on PR application


 Hi, I’m Daichi Ito, the Immigration Lawyer(Gyoseishoshi) from Kamakura International Legal Service(行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所). In my office, I mainly handle applications of Permanent Residence in Japan. It is my pleasure to provide assistance for clients to get PR in Japan since that will make their life flexible and give them the opportunity to start their new life in Japan.

But for most of people, it is difficult to get information regarding the rocedure timely. For applicants, Applying for PR is the event which they experience only once(some people experience more). But I also think that it is better to get information timely to prepare for PR application smoothly. From this article, I’ll explain recent condition on application of Permanent Residency.

More and more application

The first thing I need to note is that the Immigration offices receive more application for Permanent Residency. That is the case when you apply at Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau(東京出入国在留管理局). That means that there is more possibility that you might need longer time to see the result of PR application.


This is also due to increase of applications. Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau now outsource inspection of some PR application to their brunch office. Recently, I’ve seen the clients and potential clients who received notice from brunch office of the Immigration Bureau that they didn’t submit the documents.

Inspection on PR application through point based system takes more time

When you use point calculation sheet(高度専門職令に規定されるポイント計算表), you could apply for PR application without living in Japan for 10 years. If you use the point calculation sheet for PR application, there is also another could get the result of PR application earlier than normal applicants. Since Highly skilled professional VISA(高度専門職) and point calculation system was designed to increase talented human resources in Japan. This is the reason why the Immigration Services Agency in Japan prioritize the PR applications from applicants who has Highly skilled professional VISA or use point based-system in Japan. This is the reason why my clients who use point calculation sheet normally get PR earlier than other clients who don’t use point calculation sheet for PR application.

But recently, we saw some cases that we use point calculation system take longer time than normal applications.

The reason for the delay is that Immigration Bureau takes more time for inspection on the proofs for point calculation sheet. When you use point calculation sheet, you are also required to submit the proofs for the points. If you claim points for your Bachelor degree, you need to submit Diploma of Bachelor degree. If you claim points for work experience, you also need to submit the documents from experience certificates or relieving letters from your employers or former employers.

When you submit the proofs like these, the Immigration officers does not only review the proof itself but also confirm that the proof has no issue. They seek information from external organizations including those located outside of Japan so that they could find whether the proof is credible or not.

The Immigration officers does not say specify. But I found that the applications that we submit diplomas or experience certificates foreign countries takes longer time than other application. So it seems the officers need longer time to get response from organizations located in foreign countries.

In general, we could say there is more possibility you might need longer time to see the result of your PR applications. If you are considering for PR application, you need to expect that you might need more time for the inspection.


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Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner (Gyoseishoshi)



After graduating the Faculty of Law of Hosei University in Tokyo, Daichi Ito stated Kamakura International Legal Service(行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所) and specialize in Immigration procedures and naturalization. Now He mainly handle PR application for various clients from highly skilled professionals to spouse VISA holders.

Office Address: 124 Zyuniso, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken

Office Hour; 9:00~17:00 Monday-Friday




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