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What happen when your PR application is rejected?

One of the concerns which foreign citizens have is what happen when you get rejection for Application of Permanent Residency. You might feel concern whether you could continue to live in Japan after you get rejection. There is also some people who has concern on getting restriction of re-application for PR application. In this article, I’ll explain what is the effect of getting rejection on PR application

There is no rule to revoke your VISA status because of failure on PR application

First thing I want to let you know that there is no system to revoke your VISA status since because of the history of getting rejection on application of Permanent Residence. So, in general, you don’t have to worried about loosing your current residential status.

There is no limitation on re-application

I also need to inform you that there is no limitation on your next challenge for PR application if you look at Immigration law of Japan. You could apply for Permanent Residence as many as you want. And you could apply for re-application anytime

Unchecked application is not recommended

Since there is no obvious effect on your residential status and chance for re application, you might think that it is better to apply for PR tentatively. There is no obvious risk which you could find on Immigration rules. You might want to challenge for PR as soon as possible.

But I don’t recommend you to apply for PR without planning and checking. Since it is harder to get approval on 2nd application than first application. I’ve also handled PR application for the clients who got rejection for first application. I found that the Immigration officers implement strict inspection for such clients.

When there are some issues like delayed payment of pension. You might have more chance to follow up in case of first application. But when it is second application, the Immigration officer is more likely to reject the application.

When you plan for PR application, I recommend you to remember these facts about getting rejection on PR application.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner (Gyoseishoshi)




After graduating the Faculty of Law of Hosei University in Tokyo, Daichi Ito stated Kamakura International Legal Service(行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所) and specialize in Immigration procedures and naturalization. Now He mainly handle PR application for various clients from highly skilled professionals to spouse VISA holders.

Office Address: 124 Zyuniso, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken

Office Hour; 9:00~17:00 Monday-Friday




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