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What Permanent Residents need to know about the new law to make it easier to revoke Permanent Residency?

On March 15th, the government of Japan submitted the bill to amend the Immigraiton Control and Refugee Recognition Act(出入国管理及び難民認定法) to the Diet. The purpose of this bill is to change the rules regarding revoking the status of Permanet Residents.

In Japan, the number of Permanent Residents is 863,936, almost same number of the population of Sakai-shi,Osaka(大阪府堺市). There are so many Permanent Residents who need to know about the bill. But it seems that there are limited number of news sources which are available in English.

So, in this article, I'll explain what you need to know about this new bill so you could do to avoid the risk after the Diet passed the bill.

Permanent Residents will lose the status if they don't fulfill Public duty

Under the new law, the Minister of Justice could revoke the status of Permanet Residents if the Permanent Residents meet one of the following criterias.

  1. Not fulfilling the duties under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition law

  2. Not paying public duties( with intension

  3. Being Sentenced for violation of certain laws

Losing the status of Permanent Residents does not mean deportation

The some people misunderstand that the Permanent Residents are deported from Japan if they lose the Permanent Residency under the new law. But it's not true. Under the new law, When revoking the status of Permanent Residents, the Minister of Justice could issue the residence status other than Permanent Resident unless the Minister find that it's not appropriate to allow the foreigners to stay in Japan after they lose the Permanent Residency.

So, even after losing Permanent Residency, the foreign citizens could stay in Japan if they get permanent to obtain another Residence status.

Reporting system

The bill was also designed to create "Reporting system". the officials of the national government and local governmens could report to the Immigration Services Agency regarding the foreign citizens who meets one or a few of the criteria for revoking Residence status including the status of Permanent Residents.

For example, if the tax officers find that there is a Permanent Resident who illegally does not pay tax which he/she have to pay, the tax officer could report the information regarding him/her to the Immigration Services Agency.

These are main points which Permanent Residents need to know about the bill. I'll publish another article if there is any update.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law profession/Gyoseishoshi




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