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What to do after "PR rules" are amened?

Undder current conition, people who want to become Permanent Residents in Japan only care about whether their applications for Permanent Resiency are approved. Since the Immigration Services Bureau much time for inspection over PR applications and the appications process make the applicants to collect large amount of documents, the primary probem is how to end application process.

Under current rules, the government could revoke the status of Permanent Resident under certain conditions. But it's quite ecceptional reason like being sentensed for cetain violations of law.

But thing could be changed if the Diet of Japan approved the new bill which the government plan to submit.

Accoring the article published by Shinano-Mainichi Shinbun, the government desided to submit the bill to amend the rules regarding Permanent Residence so that the government could revoke Permanenent Residency if the Permanent Residents does not fulfill the public duty.

Revoking PR status if PR status holders does not fulfill the duty

Now the government only publish the brief overview of the bill. But at least, they plan to put the rule to revoke the status of Permanent Residents if the Permanent Residents does not fulfill the pulic duty like payment of social security and tax.

Now Japanese Immigration law has the rule to revoke the status of Permanent Residency. But the target of this system is very exceptional like the Permanent Residents who commits certain crimes in Japan.

But the new rule will affect more and more Permanent Residents compared with current rules under which the government revoke the statuses of Permanent Residents for 2~3 cases annualy.

Everyone have to be caucious

You might think that you don't have to care about the bill if you have decent job and pay tax through your employers. However, there are some cases who have problems on fulfilling public duty even if the persons has decent jobs. The typical example is job change. Some people fail to swich social securiy status propoery and pay the social security cost which they have to pay when they swich the employment from old employers to new ones. The new rule could be applied even if the Permanent Residents fail to fulfill the public duty because of simple mistake.

Permanent Residents now have to care about maintaining the status

If the Diet pass the bill, the Permanent Residents should care about maintaining the status of Permanent Residents. Now people care about getting Permanent Residency itself. But after the Diet pass the bill, people have to care about "maintaining their PR status" And peple have to check their own condition contiously to find whether they fulfilled public duty properly.

Daichi Ito



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