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What to know about new government desicion regarding entry restriction

November 5th, the government of Japan desided to allow foreign citizens to enter to Japan under certaion. Because of Covid-19, theentry to Japan by non- Japanese citizens had been stopped from January 2020 exceopt for people who is found to have "special reson"( permission, family of Permanent Residents).In this article, I'll explain the points of new entry policy.

  1. Not all entry are allowd

If you are foreign citizens who would like to enter to Jaapn as new comers, you need to know that the government will not allow all foreign citizens to enter to Japan. Still, tourist VISA holders could not enter to Japan. Under the entry management policy, you could enter to Japan if you will get...

①3 months or less Business visit VISA or working VISA


② millde-long term residence status in Japan(ex. Engineer VISA, Dependent VISA)

2. "Resposible person " are required

Even you haev such residence status, you could only enter to Japan under the management of "responsible person for accepting(受入責任者)". The responsible person will be responsible for health management and activity management of the new comenrs.

For example, if you enter to Japan with Engineer VISA(技術・人文知識・国際業務), your employers or relievant organizaitons will appoint the responsible person management self incursolation and other Covid-19 related health management measures for you and you will follow the instruction of the responsible person.

3. There is inspection by government agency

So, you might think you could enter to Japan if your employer appoints "responsible person". But I need to mension that you need to submit the applications to relevant government agencies through "responsible person". So, you could enter to Japan only when the government agencies approve your application.

At this points, there is no more detailed guideline about the new measures, we will update you the detail of the new measure.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


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What to do after "PR rules" are amened?

Undder current conition, people who want to become Permanent Residents in Japan only care about whether their applications for Permanent Resiency are approved. Since the Immigration Services Bureau mu


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