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What you need to know about Permanent Residency for marriage based applicants

Since the number of people who move to the countries other than their home nations, the umber of international marriage has been growing in Japan. It is common to start international marriage and live with Japanese spouses in Japan.

So, some international marriage couples might be considering about getting Permanent Residency in Japan. In recent situation, you need to take reviewing by Immigration officers every few years when they applied for VISA extension.

In this article, I’ll explain the requirements of Permanent Residency for spouses of Japanese and merits of getting Permanent Residency.


If you get married with Japanese, you could get Permanent Residency by meeting fewer conditions. So, you have advantage on getting Permanent Residency. Here is the requirements for Spouse of Japanese to get Permanent Residency.

1. continuing marriage with Japanese for 3 years and living in Japan for 1 year

2. Having 3 years VISA or 5 years VISA

3. Fulfilling the duty for payment of tax and social security and obeying law

1. Continuing marriage with Japanese for 3 years and living in Japan for 1 year

If you would like to apply for Permanent Residency, you need to continue your marriage for 3 years with your Japanese Spouses. And you are also required to live in Japan for 1 year. You also need to know that you need to live in Japan for 1 year continuously. So, if you have history of leaving Japan for long time, you might not able to get approval on your PR application.

2. Having 3 year VISA or 5 year VISA

If you would like to get Permanent Residency, you need to care about your Period of stay on your residential cards. You need to have 3 years or 5 years on your residential cards. It is quite to get Permanent Residency to get Permanent Residency if you have 1 year VISA.

3. Fulfilling the duty for payment of tax and social security and obeying law

When you applied for Permanent Residency, you need to submit certificates regarding tax payment and record of pension payment. Japan has various tax from national tax to local tax. Here are types of tax Immigration Bureaus will check when you applied for Permanent Residency.

Income Tax

Consumer Tax

Inheritance tax

Gift tax

Residential Tax

You need to collect tax certificates to prove you fulfilled your duty for tax payment. So, you need to the certificates.

About Pension record, you need to request pension record from pension offices. If you were self-employee, you also need to show payment condition on your company’s welfare pension.

PR give you credibility to engage in business activity

If you are Spouse VISA holders who engage in business activities as business owners, getting Permanent Residency give you merits to continue your business activities. Banking services care about whether you could get permissions to extend your spouse VISA or not. So, when you get Permanent Residency, the banking services has no concern on continuing business relationship with you.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Pracitioner(Gyoseishoshi)






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