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What you have to know if Engineers want to apply for Application for Permanent Residency Permits in 2024?

There are a number of foreign citizens who want to apply for Application of Permanent Residency Permits in Japan, especially when the pople has the basis of living in Japan.

You could live in Japan even you don't become Permanent Residents(永住者).If you could extend your Engineer VISA(技術・人文知識・国際業務) , you could continue to live in Japan.

However, sometimes, you might have the difficulty in making your living basis in Japan if you don't have Permanent Residenccy. The typical example is buying houses. and home loans. It's harder for foreign citizens to apply for home loan if the foreign citizens don't have Permanent Resicney in Japan.

So, for person who think Japan is the place where they have their basis of living, getting Permanent Residency is the choice to live in Japan for life. the people want to apply for Permannet Residency so they could make their basis of living stronger.

To prepare for Application of Permanent Residency, there are some conditions you have to know. In this article, I'll write what to know when you apply for Application of Permanent Residency Permits in 2024.

The inspection takes much more time

This is the information you need to know especially when you want to apply for Application of Permanent Residency at Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau(東京出入国在留管理局).

The now the Immigration Services Bureau takes much more time than they states on the website of Immigration Services Agency of Japan. The website states 4 months as normal period for inspection of PR applications.

But at Tokyo, this is no the case. In most cases, the inspection for PR application takes 8~11 months. So, the inspection at Tokyo takes almost 1 years for most of applicants.

This information is important to deside when you will apply for Application of Permanent Residency in Japan. For example, if you have the plan to change to change your job within a few months, you have to be careful on choosing the timeing of submitting the application. Since the job changes after submitting the applications might affect the inspection(that is the case especially when you use the point based system for PR applications).

The guideline was changed on last December

Maybe, you've already heard it. The Immigration Services Agency of Japan changed the guideline of Permanent Residence Permits on 2023/12/1.

The guideline is the basic inspection standard for the inspection of PR aplications in Japan. Every Immigration Services Bureau start inspection from checking whether the applicants meets the requirements written on this guideline.

There is no change on requirements for normal applicants, spouse VISA holiders and Long Term Residents. The Agency amended the requirements for person who use the point based system for High skilled Professionals.

There are things it might be better to know if you plan to apply for Application of Permanent Residency in Japan. I recommend you to prepare for PR application carefully.

Daichi Ito




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