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When you have to be careful on extending your Spouse VISA


 After you get married with Japanese or Permanent Resident and get Spouse VISA from an Immigration Bureau, you have to extend your VISA every 1~5 years.The renewal of your Spouse VISA is not something you feel is difficult. You just collect some documents and fulfill the application attach photos to the applications, then submit the papers to an Immigration Bureau. Here is the list of documents you need to submit to renew your Spouse VISA.

Spouse of Japanese



3. Family Registration(Koseki-Tohon) of your Spouses

4.Taxation and Tax payment Certificate of your Spouses

5.Letter of Guarantee

6.Resident Record


8.Residential Card

Spouse of Permanent Resident



3. Family Registration(Koseki-Tohon) or Health Insurance ID which prove your marriage

4.Taxation and Tax payment Certificate of your Spouses

5.Letter of Guarantee

6.Resident Record


8.Residential Card

You just have to submit these documents to extend your Period of Stay. But In some cases, your applications to renew your VISA status might be quite difficult for you. In this case, I’ll show you the cases that you have to be careful on applying for extension.

1.After you are arrested or fined

When you are arrested of minor violation of the Law of Japan and fine. you have risks for rejection even though you’ve never jailed. According to the Guideline for Extension of Period of Stay and Change of Residential Qualification, you need to have good moral standing.So if you have the history of violation of Law, you need to prepare carefully for application to renew your VISA even though your violation is just minor one.

The Immigration usually know your record of violation of Law, so I recommend you to disclose the fact honestly.

2. Unemployment of your Spouse

If your Spouse lost job and has no income. Your application of renewing your working VISA is at jeopardy.SInce the guideline for Extension of Period of Stay and Change of Residential Qualification ask applicants to economical basis. So if your spouse lost his or her job and has no substitute way to generate income, your application for extension could be harder than you expected before you submit the paper to the Immigration.

3. Divorce

Since you Spouse VISA is given to someone who get married with Japanese or Permanent Residents, you need to engage in the activity as Spouses. So you can’t continue to live in Japan after divorce even though Period of Stay yet to pass at the moment.

4. Divorce and another marriage

Some people think whether it is OK to apply for renewal of Spouse VISA when you end marriage with your ex-SPouse and get married with new Spouse who are Japanese or Permanent Residents. The answer is yes. But it will not be easy as ordinary extension is.

The Immigration Bureau issue your Spouse VISA based on the marriage with your ex-Spouses. So if you get married with another one, they need to check whether you meet the requirement of getting Spouse VISA.

When you apply for renewal of Spouse VISA after you get married with new Spouses, you have to submit at least these documents.



3.Family Registration

4.Marriage Certificate from your country

5.Taxation and Tax Payment Certificate of your Spouse

6.Letter of Guarantee

7.Residential Record of your Spouse


9.Snapshots of the couples


11.Residential Card

Even you submit these documents, there is the possibility to submit the additional documents.

In this article, I’ll show you possible situation you might get rejection at the extension of your Spouse VISA. If you have concern on the Spouse VISA, I'll recommend you to take a consultation from a legal professional.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Lawyer (Gyoseishoshi)



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