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White color crime might cause strict inspection for Highly skilled professionals?

When the government of Japan introduced the point calculation for Highly skilled professionals(高度専門職), it was called “Japanese green card” by government officials and critics. Since 2010s, Japanese businesses has been suffering on employing professionals who has the skill demanded in 21st century. That is why the government introduced this system.

If you get 70 points or more on the point calculation, you could get the residence status(在留資格) named “Highly skilled professional(高度専門職)”. You could engage in managing relevant business while you’ve been working for the employers who sponsored for your application. You could hire house non-Japanese house keepers under certain condition.

But what people are surprised most is that Highly skilled professional status holders could get Permanent Residence(永住許可) in Japan without living in Japan 10 years. If you have 70 points or more, you could get PR with 3 years residence under certain conditions. You could get PR with 1 year residence in Japan if you have 80 points or more and meet certain condition. Such exceptions are also applied for professionals who don’t have Highly skilled professional status.

The inspection for PR application by using point calculation had been prioritized compared with other applicants. The Immigration authority issues the result as early as possible. In some cases, the applicants get PR for 3 months inspection. The applicants are also prioritized on normal Immigration procedures. The government think there is fewer risk that the applicants use fake applicants so they conduct such prioritization.

But we might see that the Immigration authority change their attitude because of white color crime.Recenty a Japanese news media reported that the Immigration Services Agency of Japan(出入国在留管理庁) is keen on white color crime which might be relative to obtaining Highly skilled professional VISA illegally.

 Nikkan-Gendai reported that the Immigration agency are now keen on investigation on breach of trust which is revealed over internal investigation inside a Tokyo-based stock broker over obtaining Highly skilled professional status illegally.

Acoording to the media, that the company found that they entered to the employment contract with a foreign citizen who live in Hong Kong and the “employee” got Certificate of Eligibility(COE). The issue is that there is no one who knew the contract or the employee inside of the company except for the President who is accused of breach of trust.

The company also found that the employee’s salary is strangely much higher than positions who are in the same positions. The company think the President is assisting obtaining the Residence status by increasing points on point calculation since the applicants could increase total points when your income is increased. The company told the media that they are now cooperating with Police and Immigration authority over the investigation.

Influence of this case

Let me note that the authority is now investigating the case and we could not know whether the scandal is true or not. But if it’s true, we have to care about influence on inspections related point calculation for Highly skilled professional status including PR application.

  When the Immigration authority found that the residence status is obtained illegally, the authority makes the inspection much strict. And I think that the influence on inspection for Highly skilled professional might be higher. As I wrote, the Immigration officers and legal professionals think there is fewer risk that applicants try to get the status illegally. But such assumption might be changed. They will check the applicants carefully.

Preparation is important

It iimportant to prepare for Immigration procedures carefully when normal applicants want to get Highly skilled professional status or PR applicants through point calculation. You need to prepare all necessary documents and proofs for Immigration procedures. It is also important to prepare for the documents and proofs additionally so that you could explain efficiently your condition and get the residence status smoothly.

Such attitude is much more important when the Immigration authority implements strict inspection for the status you want to apply. The authority is more likely to seek additional documents and explanation when they need to inspect application carefully. It is better for applicants to prepare and respond so the Immigration officers has no question or concern on your case.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


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