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How was PR application in 2021


Hi, I’m Daichi Ito, the Immigration Lawyer(Gyoseishoshi) from Kamakura International Legal Service(行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所). Thanks to our clients who choose our firm for their PR application, we’ve almost finished 2021 with joyful smiles of our clients. The inspection for application of Permanent Residence is one of the Immigration procedures that the Immigration Services Bureaus(出入国在留管理局) has great authority to determine whether they could issue PR or not.

The inspection on PR applications become stricter and it is more important to know what happen on PR application. In this article, I’ll explain the current tendency of PR application.

1.The inspection become smoothly

The first good news is that Immigration officers make result earlier compared with 2020. In my office, the most application for general applicants takes around 4~6 months compared with 2020 when most applicants have to wait for 6 ~ 8 months.

From 2020, the number of PR applications is increasing. The Bureau implemented the measure for smooth inspection.

2. For PR application through point-based system, the period of inspection is longer

It is not all clients. The PR applications through point-based system(高度専門職令に基づくポイント計算) takes more time compared with 2020. In my office, some clients take around 6 months. In 2020, most clients took 3 ~ 4 months for inspection.

If you are considering PR application through point-based system, it might be better for you to expect that your applications might take longer time.

3.Inspection over economical ability

The guideline of Permanent Residence has the following requirement.

“(2) The person has sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living.

The person does not financially depend on someone in the society in his daily life, and

his/her assets or ability, etc. are assumed to continue to provide him/her with a stable

base of livelihood into the future.”

To get permanent residence, you need to have enough earning to cover the necessary cost of living in Japan. From 2021, the inspection over this requirement become stricter. Except for spouse VISA holders and people who use point-based system, the Immigration officers check whether your annual income for current 5 years meets the standard the Immigration authority designated. So, even your annual income for current 4 years meet the standard, you will get rejection if you have 1 year when your annual income does not meet the standard.

Until 2020, there are cases that applicants got PR even thy just meet the standard for current 3 years. There might be some chance to get PR with such conditions. There are some applicants who got PR even if they don’t meet the standard.

But now, I recommend you to check your annual income for current 5 years before you start preparation for PR application.

4.Inspection over Tax and social security

Recently, the Immigration officer check whether you fulfill the duty to pay tax and social security properly during “Checking period”. Except for spouse of Japanese and applicants who use point based system, The Immigration officers will check your payment condition of tax for current 5 years. When it comes to pension, the officers will check payment condition for current 2 years except for applicants who have 80 points on point-based system and some types of applicants.

5. We’ve been handled PR application carefully even if the clients have Highly skilled professional VISA(高度専門職)

What I’ve been talking to our clients most is that PR application is the final step to check the conditions of foreign citizens for Immigration authority. This is the reason why The Immigration Services Bureaus ask applicants to collect various documents which you rarely collect for normal Immigration procedures and takes more time to make decision. Sometimes, the officers found legal issues on applicant’s condition and that will even affect current residence status.

Even if you have Highly skilled professional VISA(高度専門職), you need to know the Immigration officers inspect your applications with such attitude.

“I have good earing in Japan, there is no risk to violate law here”

You might feel like this. But the Immigration law is very complicated. there are some cases that highly skilled professional VISA holders failed on following such confusing regulation. I recommend you to check whether the activity of you and your families is in accordance with the law.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


Are you considering for PR application

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