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How you can apply for Working VISA of Japan from India

Japan is the one of the economic giants in Asia. You could get so much chance to get better job to boost your career if you get a job in Japan. But if you came from India, you couldn’t work for a company in Japan without getting Working VISA in Japan. But for most of you, you have no idea how to get working VISA of Japan from India and what kinds of Working VISA is available for you. In this article, I’ll show you how to apply for Working VISA of Japan and what kinds of Working VISA you could apply for people from India.

1.First Step is getting job offers from an employer in Japan

What you need to do first is getting job in Japan. You could not apply for Working VISA without getting employment in Japan. When you choose types of jobs in Japan, you need to know there are types of Working VISA in Japan. So, you need to get Working VISA which allow you to working in the position you get. Here are types of Working VISA.

Engineer/Humanities/International Service

Engineer, Sales, marketing, HR, Accounting, Legal affair, Language teacher, interpreters and other types of white color. positions

Business Managers

entrepreneurs, Business owners and directors

Skilled Labor

chefs and pilot

You also need to know you also need to meet the requirements of the VISA you need to get. For example, if you get an engineering position in Tokyo and plan to apply for Engineer/Humanities/International Service, you need to have at least college degree with the major which is relative to your positions in Japan(like engineering degree) and receive same salary as your Japanese colleagues. I recommend you to check the requirements of the VISA through your employers or Immigration Law professionals(Gyoseishoshi or Bengoshi).

2nd step is applying for COE

The next step is getting the certificate named Certificate of Eligibility(COE) from an Immigration Bureau in Japan. This is the certificate which prove that you meet the requirement of the Working VISA you would like to get. You or your employer have to apply for COE at an Immigration Bureau in Japan so you can’t send application through mail from India.

3rd step is applying for VISA at an Japanese Embassy or Japanese Consulate General

After you get COE , the final step is getting VISA from an Japanese Embassy or Japanese Consulate General in India.

This is the step you need to take to get Working VISA of Japan in India, If you have concern on Working VISA, I recommend you to find a good advisor for you.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Lawyer (Gyoseishoshi)



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