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Announcement of the new fee policy and service


 Hello, this is Daichi Ito from 行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所. Thank you for reading this artice.

Since 2019, thanks to our clients who trusted our servie, we've been providing our professional service for clients who want to get permanent residency or Japanese citisenship.

We've been providing our service in lower price and working to provide the best support for the clients.

However due to the rise of costs occured to sustain the service because of current economic condition, we have no choice except for changing our fee policy.

Concept of the new fee policy

The new fee policy was designed for the foreign citizens who meets the following criteria.

①who want to use the crafted service tailored for them

②who want to use the professional service to detect any risk on their applications and make treatment to reduce the risk of rejection

③who want to re apply for Permanent Residency after their application was rejected

④Who want to hire a professional who say "not to apply" if applying now has serious risks.

Since opening of the offie, we've handled many applications for our clients. We also got approvals for the applicants whose previous applications were rejected.

What we want to provide is "safety". The PR applications has many points which the inspectors have to check. getting rejection could cause negative impact on VISA extension and re applications for PR.

So, we will provide careful reviewing of our clinet's condition and detect the risks and advise the best way to apply for Permanent Residency in Japan and avoid the action which spoil the chance on apply for PR in the future.

Fee Policy of PR application



Fee:11,000 yen per hour

※Every Wednesday and Tuesday(10:00〜17:00) we offer Free consultation in Yokohama. Consultatin through call: Free ※Each clients could use consultation through call once.

※You could take consultation through phone call for 30 minutes.

Acting on PR application

Fee:133,100 yen

※If you apply along with your fmily, here is the price of addtional fee

Familu member(adult) :36,300 yen

Familu member(minor):24,200 yen

※There is the possbiity that the price of the fee will be changed because of the condition of the clients.

Visiting cost: 1,100 yen per time

Collecting necessary certificate: 44,000 yen




What to do after "PR rules" are amened?

Undder current conition, people who want to become Permanent Residents in Japan only care about whether their applications for Permanent Resiency are approved. Since the Immigration Services Bureau mu


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