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Risk of applying for PR without checks

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I’ve handling PR applications for clients. Most of them has been living in Japan and want to get Permanent Residency seriously. Some of them come to my office to use eyes of professional.

Their friends said getting PR is easy and questioned why they use our service. But later, it turned out there are some problem on their conditions. A man has been successful on their business found there is unpaid amount of tax even thorough he thought his accountants handled his tax return well (Actually it is issue before he started business). A marketer who has been working for a well-known foreign invest banking found there is procedure for pension which he did not take even through he had to do.

We are walking for you to minimize the risks for rejection and increase the possibility. We checked their tax and pension record and their history. Sometimes, we also negotiate with a former employer of a client to get alternative documents which prove her work experience.

Our job is checking and giving solution to reduce the risk and increase successful rate. We don’t work as agent who just submit documents instead of you like some of other firms. We will work with you to get PR.

But some people hesitate to take consultation since our consultation fee is 5,000 yen/hour. So, we decided to provide free online consultation at every Wednesday to give you our clients to check whether we are the trusted partner or not.

This consultation is provided for people who would like to know how much possibility they have to get PR and agree to receive newsletter from us.

If you would like to take consultation, please send us e-mail to the following address.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)




What to do after "PR rules" are amened?

Undder current conition, people who want to become Permanent Residents in Japan only care about whether their applications for Permanent Resiency are approved. Since the Immigration Services Bureau mu


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