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Why I recommend you to get contact information of your boss when your employer file bankruptcy

There are so many people who lose their job and seeking new jobs since their employers could not maintain employment because of this situation. There are also people who lost their job because their employer could no longer continue their business and go to court for bankruptcy.

I know you are so busy when you lose your job to seek new positions. Especially for Engineer VISA and Highly skilled professional VISA holders, loosing employment directly affect their VISA status in Japan. It is difficult to care about something else other than job hunting. But it’s possible, I want to recommend you to do one thing for your future...getting contact information of your boss at your current employers Here is the reason why doing so makes your future better.

1. Job experience for point calculation system

We’ve been handling PR application for professionals from lawyers to engineers. They have wonderful career and have good reputation and passion on their job. They want to get PR so they visit my office. They want to use point-based system to get PR earlier. If you have Highly skilled professional VISA, you found that working experience is one of the checkpoints to calculate your points. You also need to submit job experience certificates to prove your points for the experience.

But sometimes, that is problem when we handle our client’s PR application. Especially when my clients are engineers, sometimes we found one or a few former employers had already closed their business because my clients could not get new experience certificate. If the company had already issued the experience certificates, you don’t have to worried about proving experience, but if you are required to submit the certificates with detailed explanations about your positions or newly issued certificates, you can’t get the documents if your former employers closed their business.

2. Working for getting supplemental documents is harder...

In this case, we have to get supplemental documents to prove your work experience. If we can’t, my clients could not get PR for failure of proving work experience. When former employers were located in Japan, we might could find the address of the head of the business since Corporate registration in Japan requires to disclose their address in the registration. By checking corporate registration, we could send them letters to seek their corporations to prove my client’s work experience. We could also prove your work experience by submitting pension record(被保険者記録回答票). Companies have to join Kousei-Nenkin. So, your pension record states your employers.

But I have to say that my clients have food fortune if you are successful on seeking the alternative record, if your former employers handled pension wrongly, we can’t find the names of your former employers. There are also cases we can’t reach to head of your former employers because they’ve already move to somewhere else after they close the businesses.

3. Keeping good relationship with your boss

When you face such issues, it is helpful if you could contact with your bosses or CEO at your former employers. If we could get letters of explanation, the documents work as supplemental documents.

These are reason why I recommend you to get contact information with your bosses. Relationship with other people sometimes help you through the Immigration procedures. So, I recommend you to have the good relationship with your bosses even when they file for bankruptcy.

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner (Gyoseishoshi)



After graduating the Faculty of Law of Hosei University in Tokyo, Daichi Ito stated Kamakura International Legal Service(行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所) and specialize in Immigration procedures and naturalization. Now He mainly handle PR application for various clients from highly skilled professionals to spouse VISA holders.

Office Address: 124 Zyuniso, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken

Office Hour; 9:00~17:00 Monday-Friday


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